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Formerly known as Cosmic Bloom, and from the creators of Audio Bend, we promise you yet another great festival with multiple glowing stages of music, lots of live painters, art, lights, lasers ,special visual effects and happy people!

Something for everyone


Cosmic Music Festival features many great musicians from Electronic, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and more...

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Cosmic is always a mad decent price yo.

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  MARCH 2, 2018

         "We come in peace! Cosmic Music Festival landed in downtown Phoenix last Saturday and brought plenty of otherworldly vibes with a space-centric soundtrack including psychedelic space rock, hypergalaxy hip-hop, planetary progressive trance and extraterrestrial electro. Of course there was also a whole galaxy of cosmic snacks, art, fashion and fun." All photos by Michelle Sasonov.


New times has a thing for our shows as well

     Here is a link to the page where they featured us as one of the "11 best concerts this week" the week of the show http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/music/phoenix-best-concerts-10158669 ,

also the Space Pharaohs  have the article this year mixed in with some photos of them on stage shown here at the link: https://jademann4.wixsite.com/zenship/gigs


Logan B

February 25th - 2017

Holy F*** that was outstanding

Tasha D

July 10th - 2017

Had an amazing night! thank you Zac Wurtenberg for putting on such and amazing event

Aubrey L

July 10th - 2017

This night was one of the most beautiful nights I have experienced.

 Chairish G

July 9 · 2017

Hands down, best event I've ever been to ❤ :D

 Justin S

February 25th - 2018

Hope to see another event like this

Dylan E

February 25th - 2018

🔥 im glad i made it 🔥

So far we are featuring

Josh Teed Violin


 Here are the words of Josh coming all the way out to the cosmic desert from  snowy New Hampshire: "My goal as an artist is to bring a unique and innovative twist to the classic sound of the violin. I have played from the age of four, Spanning a wide variety of styles from classical to funk, and winning the florida fiddle championship at 9 years old. After years of playing competitively, I’ve turned my focus to performance and music production, mainly in multi-genre EDM, mainly in dubstep and bass music, sometimes house as well. I always strive to bring a high energy show, whether that entails DJing, playing Violin, or both. There’s nothing better than being able to connect with the crowd and feel the collective energy in a venue when you’re able to tap into the emotions of the people listening. I push myself to do just that, making sure no two sets are the same, and that each encompasses a variety of soundscapes, highs, and lows. To me, the key to a quality set is to make it an immersive listening experience, where I can take my listeners through all of those soundscapes with me. On top of EDM performances, I enjoy getting back to my jam roots and sitting in with folk, jazz, funk, and rock groups very frequently. The things that define me as an artist are my musical versatility, and high energy performances. "

Momentum aka Mozrt


MOMENTUM is turning heads again with a new album and as "MOZRT" caught the attention of Dub FX, owner of Convoy Records, for whom he produced a remix of their single "Wandering Love". Their second official release, the "Destroy the Silence" EP came out on July '12 2013 on Free Love Digi and climbed to the #25 spot on Beatport's Top 100 Dubstep Chart, and #30 for Top 100 Drum & Bass releases.  MOZRT was commissioned to do 2 remixes for Silent J, a local dutch/complextro superstar feat. the lovely vocal talent of MISS KRYSTLE. Released on BOMBEATZ Music - it topped out at #14 on the Top 100 releases for hip-hip on the beatport charts.  

Space Pharaohs


 Phoenix based band here featured multiple times in magazines in the U.K. , these musicians who have been playing Space Rock for over 3 decades have come together now to play some of the best music of the genre. ​Any day, any star cluster. "We will take your minds to a higher trance like state though loose improvisations over high energy riffs, and layers of spacey effects. we set off in search of space and a transcendental trance like hypnotic state of mind through the use of music, lights, and visual art. Our music is live and spontaneous and what we feel at the time. the universe was made for dreams.



Flying in from Washington, Robert Kruser is a self-taught musician through and through, requiring no class or synthetically-obtained abilities, and his organic tendency to take on a project he is ambitious of is wholeheartedly natural. Although his sights are set on producing in the near future, being a perfectionist motivates him to master his abilities behind a set of decks first.   He  graced the stages in California at Big Bass Theory, carving his name into the halls of drum and bass, one state at a time.  Now, Detcord has leaped into the Seattle drum and bass scene, where he courageously entered in the 2017 DnB Battles and placed 1st, in round one. His affiliations  include Binary, DNB Tuesdays Seattle and Junglist Radio. 

Shake N' Bake


Back at it again Grund and Mothership Q are gonna make the floor sizzle with excitement as the flavors all their own will amaze tasters and listeners alike. Don't be left out, after all-it's shake and bake and you helped!  A veteran of the hip hop scene. Grund has been annihilating the dance floor for the past 9 years. With the past 3 years going on 4 in the electronic scene Grund's high energy hard hitting electro, tech house/techno will get any dance floor moving. With support from Flock Productions, Vertical Music AZ, 3rd Planet Productions, Az shufflers movement & R.I.D FAM. Come support Grund on what he has a passion for most and what he does best and pack the dance floor for another full filled hard hitting different sound that the people love. 



  Late Middle English: from Latin excellere, from ex- ‘out, beyond’ + celsus ‘lofty.’ "Be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject. "  Verb: excel; 3rd person present: excels; past tense: excelled; past participle: excelled; gerund or present participle: excelling   Excell has been moving dance floors all over Arizona since 1999 with his progressive, tech funk, and psybreak sets.  His creation Fraktured Phoenix has been raising some eyebrows as of late, check him out online ot take him on a date, it's not too late to congratulate either, boiling over he'll be the seether, Ecell and don't have a seizure, it's gonna be O.K.



  What is a NastyHuman and who are they you ask? Its raw, unfiltered, unhindered, pure self. A form of expression through Dance, Art, Music and being true to ones self. Some might call this type of life form being out of this world we just like to call it Getting Nasty. Forged by truly unique soundwaves in a galaxy far far away, Bradley Phunknasty Rodgers & Joshua Notahuman Santo, traveled through the vastness that is space to the Arizona desert on a mission to probe Earth's inhabitants with bass. Taking on the form of the locals and adopting a moniker that is descriptive of their hard hitting basslines and filthy phunky style; #NastyHumanz were born and quickly received the recognition they deserved as a species all their own. Get ready to #GetNasty  

Noxious of AZ aka Noxious Skills


 Sound is a sense subjectively taken in by one, yet commonly shared by many with similar tastes. Music in general is produced much like most of our food in the United States, and it has become diluted through the usage of widespread artificial ingredients and a lack of a healthy means toward preservation due to a faulty system engaged in adding unsustainable preservatives, while simultaneously mixi...ng newer products with recycled material. This unwarranted, unhealthy intake and its corrupt producers are under attack by those who form an underground movement focused on cooking up concoctions with all-natural, organic elements that are used to ensure what is digested are wholly pure in every respect! One of these specialized underground cooks is known as Noxious of AZ. 



 VooDreau has been a DJ since 2007. After originally learning on vinyl and mixing hip hop tracks, he has transitioned back to his love of dirty bass EDM. Born and raised in San Diego, he grew up in the scene of warehouse raves and jungle and D&B vibes. When the rave scene fell apart he went back to his love of hard rock and hip hop. With the emergence of the Dubstep scene around 2010 he fell back in love with electronic music. While in the Navy, he tried to spread this new movement by playing shows in multiple countries overseas including Guam, Dubai, and Hong Kong.    VooDreau has had the opportunity to hold residencies in multiple CA clubs  

TH3 N9N3


From the depths of down below lifting you up in this world of hypocrisy to a new world order, in a state of synchronicity at this exact moment or a nano second later, TH3 N9NE is evidence that the Earth's technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed. The apocalypse event may be climatic, such as runaway climate change; natural, such as an impact event; man-made, such as nuclear holocaust or resource depletion; medical, such as a pandemic, whether natural or man-made; eschatological, such as the Last Judgement, Second Coming, or Ragnarök; or imaginative, such as a zombie apocalypse, cybernetic revolt, technological singularity, dysgenics, or alien invasion.. Post-apocalyptic stories often take place in a non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of society and technology remain. 



 Space unicorns? Check. Out of this world tones? Check.  Templeture is a new breed of aural pleasure that will make you question the strings of reality in many different vortex points all while you stand and listen in one place- star date  3.9.19 This is not however the debut of such an other wordly creature, check him out also opening up for Andralien in January through Sentience Movement and you may have also caught his many other plunders recently.  This set will be tagging with an associate as "Funkleture"

Morgan Laine


  Every show he plays, he brings out incredible beats and drops that will get you moving. With years of experience, he is no stranger to the underground and club scene.  He has played at many events including The Underworld, Audio Bend & Wet Electric. He’s opened for many other great DJ’s some including Drezo & Makj. 



  With an affinity for heavy kick basslines and strong melodic breakdowns it's no wonder Blakeland has become a well known name in the Valley of the Sun. His drive to push forward in both performance and musical taste has broken down many walls in genres leading him to pick up mesh and create a style all his own that both himself and the crowd enjoy. He's later traveled to Nevada, California, Florida and New Mexico dropping beats like bombshells destroying dance floors and crumbling infrastructures 



Middle English: from Old French tempeste, from Latin tempestas ‘season, weather, storm,’ from tempus‘time, season.’Ian Tempus has been around a minute to tempt us and has played some great remixes to get your fixes of the dope revisits to the past you exhibited and to it you loved to listen



   He has opened for the some of the biggest names in the country, including DJ Dan, Christopher Lawrence, Keoki, Charles Feelgood, Jon Bishop and more. Working with producer John Henry as one-half of the TranceHenry Remix Project, Tranceducer has received glowing reviews. Crowds have been worked into a frenzy by remixes of Mike Jones’ “Back Then,” Paul Wall’s “Sittin Sidewayz,” and Perfect Circle’s “Imagine.” TranceHenry Remixes are anxiously awaited. 

Dj Sid


  With a constantly evolving take on hard dance and five years of playing out in the Arizona desert, you can expect a flow of anything from hard house to hard techno and every thing in between, all of which while covered in blood. 

Dj Octagon


Octagon ain't talkin' 'bout those polygons  the jig is gone so it's time to find this thing he brings,  Dj Octagon coming out of Chicago. Moved to AZ at the age of 20. Bought 1st set of decks at the young age of 16 and the rest is history. 

Shred Kennedy



Ed Kennedy is an audio and video synthesist hailing from Phoenix, AZ.
Having started out in 2000 DJing on the West Coast of Canada, he developed his style into house, trip hop, and techno as he moved into the production realm.

By using modular synthesis for live music, his music stays improvisational and generative - never the same thing twice. Ed also currently organizes a local synth meetup in Phoenix that showcases local artists.

The Dream Master Solo


 Dream master says: "Life is a dream. Be lucid! " Just wait 'til you hear the sounds he found kid! Many moons have passed in the span he has planned the perfect sets for the rest of the world to enjoy and accept a new brew of true virtue, and he'll do it for you too! 



Curator of Estalit and Bring tha Noize entertainment, J-CHA plays out more than most dj's you know , from clubs to weddings, parks and all kinds of other events every weekend, there is never a dull moment!

Dj Rubbernecker


 Dj Rubbernecker has played at more Arizona rave parties than any other dj. Following his touring residency with Frequency 8 Records in San Francisco he currently enjoys helping others with their productions. If you have done any amount of underground raving in Phoenix his influence has been a part of your experience. 



 Dusted. = DJ and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Pavelko performing as a solo DJ and with a live band. Performing with overflowing amounts of love, music, art, tribe, energy and (the flower of) life. 

Shar Bear


The biggest heart comes from the start of Shar Bear with his love army music arsenal. Would a bear share if a bear could? This one would! If a bear plays tunes far in the woods will anyone hear it? They will hear this one. Near and afar!



  FΛIRYDVST has been taking the underground scene by storm ever since she first stepped behind the decks at a desert party in 2016. She fell in love with electronic dance music at her first rave and soon after discovered her obsession with all things house music. Playing shows like Mary Xmas, Bloodfest, and many other desert/warehouse classics she has become a weekend favorite ever since. When she's behind the decks, you will feel her energy and most importantly dance!!!  

Ky Bear


As the other half of Shar Bear, Ky has developed a style all her own and will be holding it down for us on the silent disco stage. Let's all have fun-perhaps even rage and turn the page in another adventure, a sense of wonderment on this venture!



 Shinobimusiq, cultivating in the realm of Techno, and releasing track after track including his new “Operator” Ep, Shinobi is definitely for the chronic dancer of the night, take flight and you might be on his level, entering a new light. 

BB Galli


Fresh on the scene is BB Galli running the best beats from the west to the east that will for sure make you want to move your feet, grab your dancing shoes and hit the streets, once you groove to this your night will feel complete.

Dj Gimmie


   "I'm known for making the people want to dance, as I love to dance myself, and to give you that 'go hard' feeling! Most of the music I mix and produce are high energy, bass booming, and dirty." 

Disco Stu


 DJ Stu, hailing from Phoenix, AZ is a  chipper fellow, spreading positivity through music and dancing, straight romancing  our city, and on the block or at the stop he's gonna rock us on the spot. 

Live Painting

Marsh Sale


" Everything is constantly in a state of growth. New life seeds itself, birthed from the bellies of creation, grows, aging into full blossom. Then deteriorates and fades slowly back to where it began. Ever growing, everlasting, the needlepoint of a pin drop echoing eternally through every crumb of being scattered across the great plains of existence itself, and yet the beauty of it all is that it is stemmed from one perfectly balanced source from which we all come from, that we all are"... Marsh was recently recognized by ALEX GREY and featured at his COSM sanctuary in New York! UPDATE: Marsh found out at the last minute he can't make it, but promises to at a future show

Andy Adel


 "Embrace the rising tide and swim your fucking ass off. "Andy is a fluid artist of another kind, spreading his emotions like a state of sublime!



 "This painting has taught me a lot about my abilities & capabilities as a person, as a woman, As an Artist. I am always open to learning and always receiving knowledge from some place I’m unsure of how to identify. It isn’t finished quite yet but I have a feeling I’m getting closer. I don’t know if I will sell this painting either, it has so much of my being inside of it and has definitely been a milestone in my creations. " We were very happy to find her at Aura recently. Zhoni_of_Earth has a new take on the art that she makes, enlightened in a new age!

Sarah "Endless Love" Rosie


Sarah. She is a rock, she is a mountain, climb to the top and you may find a fountain. 

Christmas Glasses


 "It seems like every leap in evolution is equaled by an adversary which says " ooo thats fun, how can i exploit it?! How can i suppress it, how can i keep it for myself??" We were given this wonderful invention of global communication only to be held back by algorithms that limit the brevity of our reach. Only to be taken one step back from our two leaps forward. The good news, idk if there is "good news". We are entering into a new phase of interfacing with reality, a new paradigm that is being forever one upped by our own technological innovation. The VR, transhumanism movement is becoming more and more integrated before our eyes, as skynet and other hollywood soft leak disclosures alert us of the potential doom emminent on the horizon from artifical intelligence. My final word is "Feel" feel what it is like to be human, feel what it is like to be organic, to be of the earth...then "feel" What it is like to be machine, feel what it is like, all the updates, and algorithms, all the binary computation, all the loose parts.... feel and think for a long time about this and ask yourself... What do i wanna be??? "



Let yourself be vulnerable says Fancyhydra, making art after the emergency-no need for sirens.


Cosmic Festival FAQ's

(Questions and Answers)


Q:. What is the meaning of Life?

A:  Life is what you make of it, a grand excursion or an undesirable task

Q: How do I get to the festival, where is it?

A: A passenger vehicle is recommended, the road is paved and directions are released day of the show, the location is an hour or less from most places around Phoenix AZ

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Please put them on a leash if walking around

Q: Are campfires fires allowed?

A: Only in designated fire pits , please be extra careful

Q: What's parking/camping like?

A: You can park right near your campsite in most cases but not always at (also anything close to the stages could be subject to a no parking/camping zone). Most of the parking will be in a line going down the side of the mile long entrance road that is paved



Check out this great video by Ben Ridgway- yes there is no "e." Below you can also view one of the stages @ CMF 2018, and a most excellent video by TAS visuals


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